Dental alveolar Surgery

Extraction of wisdom teeth
Routine and complex dental extractions
Exposure of impacted teeth
Alveolar ridge surgery
Socket preservation grafts

Soft Tissue Surgery

Labial frenectomy procedures
Lingual frenectomy for tongue-tie correction
Vestibuloplasty procedures
Salivary gland duct surgery


Excision of oral mucosal lesions
Closure of oral-antral fistula
Removal of jaw cysts
Jaw tumor and reconstructive surgery


Acute management of odontogenic oral, facial, and neck infections
Surgery for osteomyelitis and other chronic jaw bone infections

Implant and Implant-Related Surgery

Placement of dental implants
Bone augmentation grafts
Sinus lift bone grafts
Soft tissue augmentation grafts


Reconstruction of jaw and facial fractures
Repair of facial lacerations

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About -
Newburyport Oral Surgery

Newburyport Oral Surgery is a private practice limited to oral and maxillofacial surgery. The hallmark of this practice has been our unique ability to deliver the high standards of practice found at hospital-based facilities while maintaining the tradition of a small, family-oriented, private office.

Our doctors make ongoing investments in performance improvement programs, technology, infrastructure, and staff education. We aim to provide impeccable care of our patients and to represent our profession in the most honorable way.

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